Pricing and Plans


We Offer You Different Options

We Provide Shared, Semi-Dedicated, Dedicated and Reseller Shortcode Plans

  • Shared Shortcode

  • ₦49,900

  • 100% Money Back Guaranty
  •  Real Live 24/7 Support
  • Billing System Integration
  •  Unlimited SMS Responses
  • Real time Control Panel Support
  • Full Setup Walkthrough
  • Lots More

  • Semi-Dedicated Shortcode

  • ₦400,000

  • Up to 4 Free Keyword
  • Unlimited Shortcodes
  • Billing System Integration
  • Exclusive API
  • Full and Exclusive Control
  • 24/7 Support
  • One Time Setup Fee. 
  •  SMS voting
  •  SMS Quiz Competition
  • Lots more

  • Dedicated Shortcode

  • ₦650,000

  • Unlimited Keyword
  • Unlimited Shortcodes
  • Billing System Integration
  • Exclusive API
  • Full and Exclusive Control
  • 24/7 Support
  • One Time Setup Fee. 
  •  SMS voting
  •  SMS Quiz Competition
  • Lots more

  • Reseller Plan

  • ₦85,000

  • White Label Reseller Website
  • Customers Short Code Management Control Panel
  • Real time/Robust Reseller Control Panel Support
  • Unlimited Desired Short Code and Keyword
  • One Time Setup Fee
  • Sub-Resellers Management System
  • Unlimited No. of Sub Resellers
  • Lots More







Available Payment Options

You Can Make a Cash Deposit, Internet or ATM Transfer to the Bank Account Details Below;

Please Note: You cannot cancel your shortcode setup order or request a refund once the setup is in progress. REASON: We pay certain fees to networks for your shortcode activation while the leftover is the profit of


Get More Knowledge About Pricing

Shared Short code:

Setup fee for this plan is N49,900 one time payment. No hidden charges! This is inline with guaranty's commitment to ensure return on investment for you our client. Setup takes 2-3 days.

Polite Awareness: You can also buy additional keywords with different Tariff Fees for extra N40,000.00 per keyword.


Dedicated Short Code:

Dedicated Shortcode has a setup fee of N650,000.00 and it's a one time payment. To ensure maximum return on investment for you and your clients, we have succeeded in removing the payment of monthly access fee . Setup It takes approximately 14 days to complete. The benefit of this dedicated code is that you have access to unlimited keywords unlike shared shortcode.

Earnings Withdrawal Cycle

Your accumulated Earnings will be paid out directly into the bank account you provided in the revenue withdrawal certificate within 60 days. i.e for the month of May will take you till 1st week of August to withdraw your revenue on any available network that we have received revenue from. To qualify for revenue withdrawal, you must have a minimum of 1000 new responses. You will be notified once payment is made to your account or you can contact your account officer. For every payment cycle usually 60-days, your accrued revenue must be from 1000 Responses before you receive a cheque or a wire transfer. If accumulated revenue is below 1000 Responses, then you have to wait for the next payment cycle.

Polite Awareness: Inline with MNOs directive, your shortcode must pull atleast 1000 SMS responses per month to qualify for revenue payout. If shortcode become dormant for 6 months it stands a chance of deactivation by the network.

Online Payment Option

Enter Amount

Network Out payments

Request should be made through our email or phone on 08064507989. Supported Network: MTN, GLO, AIRTEL, VISA FONE and 9MOBILE

Available Tariff: N30, N50, N100

Gross Payout (in N/sms excluding. VAT)

PLEASE NOTE: Inline with MNOs (Mobile Network Operators) regulation, the available tariff bands and gross payout table can change from time to time without prior notice

Current MNOs percentage effect of April 2017;






Current Gross Pay-out Rate

Tariff Band
N10 N/A N/A N/A N/A
N30 N8 N7 N3 N8
N50 N14 N11 N6 N14
N100 N28 N23 N 11 N28

Other Deductions;

a) 10% Withholding Tax

b) 1% NCC Levy

Revenue Share; 60/40.  Negotiable on large traffic.

Please Note: The above deductions will be made before revenue will be paid.

Further inquiry should be forwarded to or call us on 08064507989.

Contact Address

Head Office: SolutionForth Web Resources, No.86 Ambassador Leo Okogwu Road, Westend, Asaba Delta State.

Tel: +2348064507989




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